Two crazy photographers, one film. Zwei verrückte Fotografen, ein Film :)

It all started with a phone call. About a month ago Flo was surfing the internet searching for a videographer to film the two of us in slovenia or croatia. You’ve surely recognized that these are our favourite countries, we even wrote an article about it.
He finally came across Jon Aleksander Krancan’s website and we were amazed by his work.
That was just the style we wanted our video to be, a little vintage and spontanous just like real life.
So Flo called this yet unknown guy from slovenia and it all started – a few skype calls, facebook chats and many messages later we were sitting in our car driving down to ljubljana and finally met in person. And what can we say – we just had so much fun with Jon, right from the beginning!
Praise the internet for enabling friendships like that!
You can see the result of our fantastic day in Ljubljana here in this Post. It has also included an outtake from Flo speaking about what he loves on a wedding day, he usually doesn’t have this strong bavarian accent when speaking english 🙂

If you are as amazed of Jon’s Work as we are, check out his website and vimeo channel!

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