Feeling Home – sLOVEnia

Everytime we visit the small village Bohinj in the slovenian Alps where Florians parents come from, I am like magnetical attracted to go to the pretty capital city Ljubljana. It is so nice to be in the lovely Cafés walking along the canal of river ljubljanica and search around the little stores for anything pretty. The city feels so full of art and individuality, there are not just the boring big chains you find in every city around the world but a few shops with handmade porcelain, jewellery, perfumes and scents and so on. I even bought my jewelry for our wedding here. And of course not to forget the old and historical buildings beside the ones from the time when Tito reigned, I just love it all. The second thing I can’t resist is to have one of the famous THEYARESODELICIOUS Cream Cakes at the Hotel Park’s lakeside Café in Bled.

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